The Centre

Family Development Centre (FDC) is a collection of professionals in Halifax who have come together to provide quality team-based and best practice services to individuals and families in the community. FDC strives to improve life skills through intervention and education. To that end, we offer individual therapy, consultation and training, group services and networking with other local resources. We strive to provide individualized program planning through professional collaboration that results in integrated services that set and address goals from multiple perspectives.


How are we different?

Communication: As a team of professionals at FDC, we value the importance of communication. Centred in one place, we can work together to address your needs. Assessments can be scheduled in such a way to allow for us  to confer and create treatment goals together and with your family as a team.

Team Goals: FDC clinicians can meet on a regular basis to discuss ongoing, shared cases (with consent from the parents) to ensure that therapies are consistent and cohesive. Treatment provided through FDC is family-focused meaning that all intervention is thoughtful of the needs of the family as a whole and not just the individual client.  Parents are often invited into sessions so that sharing can happen, increasing opportunities to carry over skills to home.

Flexible and Friendly: Services at the Family Development Centre are provided on-site as well as in families’ homes, child care centres, schools and the community. Our Centre is a family-friendly home on Oxford Street in Halifax with a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for children and families.  We support the interaction of our families with our “therapy animals” (based on comfort level), including our rabbit Stewart Dooley (Dooley for short), and our kitten Poppy.  While our centre does not have a “clinical” atmosphere, our practitioners have first-rate training and experience in approaches to evidence-based treatment of a variety of diagnoses and concerns.  All of our affiliates offer a free initial consultation in order for you to ask questions about our services and determine if you feel we are a good fit for your family’s needs.